DIY Tutorial: School Party Straws - How to Make Them with Craft Paper and Straws

2023-04-29 05:43:44 By : admin
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Craft Paper Straws are the new trend in eco-friendly party supplies. With their charming and rustic look, they add a touch of creativity to any party decoration. In this article, I'll show you a quick and fun way to create your own DIY Party Straws using craft paper and some basic supplies. This is also a great back-to-school craft activity for kids!
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To make these Party Straws, you'll need orange craft paper, lemon yellow paper, straws, pencil, sketch pen (black), and glue. First, cut a two-inch square from the orange paper and a one-inch square from the lemon yellow paper. Next, draw circles on both papers as shown in the picture, and cut them out.

Now, take a straw and apply glue on the bottom inch of it. Carefully wrap the orange circle around the straw and press it down to secure it. Then, take the yellow circle and glue it on top of the orange circle. Make sure it's centered and aligned properly.

To give your Party Straws a fun and personalized touch, you can write your guests' names, party dates or any other message on them using a black sketch pen. Let the ink dry completely before using the straws.

Craft Paper Straws are not only eco-friendly but also a great way to add a unique touch to your party decoration. As a back-to-school activity, this DIY project can help kids improve their motor skills, creativity, and patience. So, next time you plan a party, skip the plastic straws and try making these paper Party Straws yourself!